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Have your Antiques, Collectables

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at Heanor Antiques Centre **

jane Richards

** Jane Richards is often out and about and you must ring to check which day of the week she is available to see you. Ring 01773 531181 to avoid disappointment. (between 10:30 - 4:30 daily)

Just poll up and she will come out to your car!







Jane Richards has 25 years of experience in the antiques trade and has owned Heanor Antiques Centre for the past 17 years. You may recognise Jane from her many television appearances on all forms of antique shows. Bargain Hunt will also be filming two programs at the centre in the 2015/2016.

Jane is not a Pawn Broker, or a house clearance specialist, but has many contacts which can offer these kinds of services.

Jane will buy a wide variety of items and box lots, often giving many of the objects to local charity shops.

Jane will offer reasonable prices, but you must remember she has to resale items to make a profit. Some people see their collectables on ebay for 'buy now' prices which are unrealistically prices and will probably never sell.

If you are reasonable in what you expect for your item Jane will try her best to buy your item.

If you have a lot, put them in your boot and Jane will see you in the car park!

Thank you for your interest.


Contact: If you have any enquires or questions you can ring during opening hours on 01773 531181  or  E-mail  We will do our best to help.  

Thank you for thinking of us   


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