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Antiques Road Trip - Bargain Hunt - Come Dine

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Catch-up on iplayer 'Heanor' Episode season 40



tim from bargin hunt




Tim Wonnacott filming at the centre. (Picture from Derby Telegraph)




filming bargin hunt

Tim Wonnacott and Bargain Hunt brought 30 BBC staff to Heanor Antiques Centre to film two hour episodes.

They arrived at the centre at 7:30 am and quickly started filming the first episode. Some of the Heanor dealers and staff who were interviewed and should appear on T.V. include, Jane Richards, Richard Bell (Twice), Manager Dave, Mary Peach and others. All the centre was filmed. The cafe and balcony were closed off for the BBC use. The Derby Telegraph came to report the visit. See the article on their web page. The episodes was aired on 13th Friday 2015, series 40, episode 4 and 5. Watch again on iplayer - look for Heanor episode!



Antiques Road Trip - Bargain Hunt and even Come Dine with me have all been to Heanor Antiques Centre in the last few months or we have appear on the program.

In October Antiques Road Trip filmed extensively at the shop -(see it on Iplayer) and a week later we were on television again when they filmed Bargain Hunt at the round House in Derby.

We are often on the television but just recently it has been quite extensive. Soon we will be on an edition of Channel Fours very popular Come Dine With me.

We hope you get chance to see Jane in action.

She is complaining that people keep recognise her were ever she goes!

Ram FM! advert brings in record customers

Heanor Antiques and Craft Centre became the second run of adverts on Ram Fm as brought record numbers of customers..

The Campaign is over thirteen weeks up to Christmas.

We have been in a number of articles recently, these include The Derbyshire Life, and Antiques Info. For more information please contact us.

.If you have any interesting and relevant stories please email and we may publish.







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